@Geminichris  I have Learned a lot in this Music industry over the last two decades as a dj / producer and most recently as an...  https://t.co/180HWLF6ML   @Geminichris  Good morning London, Hello world... wishing you all a great weekend. One love  @Geminichris  Check out my new Artist Pick on Spotify!  https://t.co/oA6Hp0Y38I #artistpick  @Geminichris  Be safe my families and friends in Florida. Watch out for those snakes and Alligators roaming the streets.. #hurricane  @Geminichris  Good afternoon and happy Friday to you all.. I hope you had a good and productive week, wishing you all a great...  https://t.co/QeqaGi1InV   @Geminichris  So many Musicians around these days... good, bad and average  @Geminichris  I NEED TO KNOW ( The Video)  https://t.co/kpVSRh8eEo