@Geminichris  So you all finished your perfect night out, and rushed into the first Takeaway shop you see because you want to...  https://t.co/YHECG3UKzf   @Geminichris  The weekend is here... the party is going off in London this weekend..   @Geminichris  My EP ready and waiting to be release. ... .   @Geminichris  #NowPlaying I Need to Know by Gemini Chris  https://t.co/ZPouwgKJ2z   @Geminichris   https://t.co/WwHpOyy3Dg   @Geminichris  The week is going really quickly, Wednesday already  @Geminichris  Another Airline bite the dust.. :(( Monarch Airlines going into administration... Sad!! been to more than 15...  https://t.co/OyT1AouvGC