@Geminichris  Gemini Chris - You:  https://t.co/qA5Z2XxiiY via @YouTube  @Geminichris  Three days until the release of my new EP.. Can't wait  https://t.co/F1mdik5baG   @Geminichris  Loving this Tech, Deep type of House track. Here is the Video for my song "YOU".. 150k in three days thanks you..  https://t.co/1fe65wiGKe   @Geminichris  Looking forward to the release of my second EP this year.. Hope you all will like it....  https://t.co/bC5OkTDgog   @Geminichris  The weather is great in London today, what about you, how is the weather on your side of the globe?! :))   @Geminichris  Hi Guys Just to let you all know that i will be releasing my second EP on MAY 25.. 2018.. i really enjoyed making t  https://t.co/uGjTj2oogs   @Geminichris  Yeah I enjoyed that awesome party #dj #music #mylife #new #EP #Out #May25