@Geminichris  New Release coming out this Friday.. looking forward to sharing it with you all ..   @Geminichris   https://t.co/KZEelMPesM   @Geminichris  Dancehall music in Japan  https://t.co/Pc18rC7bIn via @YouTube  @Geminichris  Got to Love this little Caribbean Island call Jamaica.... What a place, So influential..  https://t.co/zg9G7bGOuL   @Geminichris  Many thanks @newleasemusic i really appreciate the love...  https://t.co/X5Ngg9xB5Z   @Geminichris  New Music Friday Enjoy... Gemini Chris - Down Low  https://t.co/i9wPv6d7HK via @YouTube  @Geminichris  Not sure if I'm in The Ukraine or Russia but anyway.. 4 Gigs in 3 days Feeling Sleep Deprived right now .. Malta I  https://t.co/ApTdirfaJ0