@Geminichris  My New Track , OUT Tomorrow 22.02.19 Pre-save on Spotify. link in Bio  https://t.co/kZS8fNJ4d0   @Geminichris  https://t.co/IZyKxhqrBC  https://t.co/w7ibv1NygL   @Geminichris  https://t.co/IZyKxhqrBC  https://t.co/k71p74dSXe   @Geminichris  Catch me here this Friday  https://t.co/5TJSnPw9op   @Geminichris  Song of the Day: Crazy For Your Love Chris Gemini  https://t.co/qABbRGMsHV   @Geminichris  Thank you, New Lease Music.. such an honour to be included in your TOP TEN album of 2018. And song of the Song in  https://t.co/mVwxsuvDV2   @Geminichris  Big party in the city tonight Gemini Chris in the building. my third event of the your so far and my schedule this  https://t.co/wUjn6TQmcf