@Geminichris  Gemini Chris - Clear Dream  https://t.co/2AivSdSPtn via @YouTube  @Geminichris  Gemini Chris Starts The Weekend With Tracks Clear Dream & Give Me Your Love  https://t.co/rWf7Sz4vll   @Geminichris  Hello everyone in Asia In less than 30 minutes you will be able to steam my two new songs before anyone else.  https://t.co/yhZ3Rig19w   @Geminichris  Preparing for my song release on Friday while having a healthy meal. Wishing you all a great week. #late dinner..  https://t.co/BRY7WRswYC   @Geminichris  Hello world ! Hope you are all doing fine. Wishing you all a good and productive week.. one love..  @Geminichris  A little clip of my new songs coming out next Friday 14th October 2019..  https://t.co/fBQDC2Psza   @Geminichris  New music for you next Friday Hope you all will love my next release.. have a great weekend..