@Geminichris  Party in Chelsea London tonight, lets go..   @Geminichris  Good morning London hello world.. Just returning from an amazing trip around Europe..   @Geminichris  Big party tonight at the Hilton London tonight  @Geminichris   #gornjabrela #dalmatian @ Gornja Brela, Splitsko-Dalmatinska, Croatia  https://t.co/IrpM2r9AZi   @Geminichris   @ Old Bridge, Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina  https://t.co/6sRRCGar3v   @Geminichris  Just posted a photo @ Dubci  https://t.co/qF2SKIo94B   @Geminichris  So you all finished your perfect night out, and rushed into the first Takeaway shop you see because you want to...  https://t.co/YHECG3UKzf