@Geminichris  It's Summer time so this Friday I'm giving you all something to shake a leg too two new tracks. Stay tuned.  https://t.co/Hq4LmCuTOB   @Geminichris  Imagine if I only make music for the UK Audience. Judging by the weather here i would be making some very depressin  https://t.co/WodqlhHYKD   @Geminichris  Head over to my SoundCloud and get your FREE DOWNLOAD of this short energetic DJ mix.. happy Monday.. Enjoy.. one l  https://t.co/4W2nO5ILBr   @Geminichris  Have you heard Hip Hop House Party by DJ Gemini Chris on #SoundCloud? #np  https://t.co/mwFQnkyloU   @Geminichris  LET'S FLY... LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL..   @Geminichris  .  https://t.co/Ob9ZVjB0vo   @Geminichris  HELLO LOVELY PEOPLE... I have made you all a new DJ mix FREE DOWNLOAD on my SoundCloud Enjoy... Have a great weeken  https://t.co/lMQoWOWaQc